Entertainment and Nightlife of Punjab

Punjab is a state with varied cultures. Slowly with the growth of technology the daily lifestyles of people residing in the state is also changing. People staying in this state are much aware about spots where they can spend their spare time. But it becomes difficult for tourists or new comers to search for a perfect hangout space for them during their leisure time.

Entertainment in Punjab

Movie Theaters & Multiplexes in Punjab

Watching movie is a common way of entertainment in almost all states. This is the most popular way in which you can entertain yourself. Different movie halls are available with the latest Bollywood, Hollywood and even regional language movies in Punjab. These movie halls are fully furnished with proper seats with comfortable cushions and air condition.

Movie Theaters in PunjabYou will even get food stalls inside the theatres. Multiplex is a common term nowadays. This means in one single movie hall you can watch multiple numbers of movies at the same time.

There are different screens in which these movies are screened. Punjab is not an exception when it comes to multiplexes. There are many multiplex cinema halls in Punjab.

Some of the Movie Halls in Punjab are:

Aarti Cinema

This is one of the most popular theaters in Ludhiana. The main attraction of this movie hall is that the ticket prices are affordable and hence everyone can easily afford it. It is always great when your entertainment suits your pocket easily. It is always great when your entertainment suits your pocket easily. Some of the latest Punjabi movies are screened in this movie hall and this pulls the crowd. Along with your friends and family you can visit this movie hall and enjoy a nice time.
Location: Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana

Laxmi Cinema

This is another famous movie hall of Punjab that screens latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Although ticket prices are a bit high yet the balcony seats costs less.Although ticket prices are a bit high yet the balcony seats costs less. The balcony seats are comfortable enough and you will not face any problem while watching the movie.
Location: Karimpura, Ludhiana

PVR Cinemas

PVR group of Cinemas is a common name in the world of movie halls. Almost every state has multiple PVR movie halls. Punjab is not an exception. The comfortable cushioned seats and the amazing snacks attract many. Once you decide to watch a movie in PVR you can book your tickets online from their site and avail exciting discount offers.  The online booking option gives you enough transparency in choosing your nearest movie hall and your preferred time.
Location: Chandigarh

Manju Cinema

This is another movie hall with comfortable seats and affordable ticket price. The comfortable seats along with the lip smacking snack makes this movie hall popular among the local people. This movie hall screens latest bollywood and Punjabi movies.
Location: Ludhiana

Deepak Cinema

This is another movie hall in Punjab. This movie hall is quite old and still now renowned for its great facilities. Different famous movies are screened in this movie hall from time to time. You will really enjoy the great ambiance of the movie hall.
Location: Ludhiana

These are some of the famous movie halls located in different parts of Punjab. Once you are paying a visit to Punjab and you have some free time then you must relax yourself by watching a movie in any of these movie theatres.

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Breweries in Punjab

The climate of Punjab is suitable for manufacturing beer. There are many breweries in Punjab that serves some of the best quality beer in the entire state. Before going into the details of clubs and bars in Punjab let us find the breweries which serves beer at a nominal cost.

United Breweries Ltd

One of the famous breweries located in Punjab is United Breweries Ltd. This is located in Ludhiana and serves the state with the finest quality of beer. United Breweries are famous for manufacturing Kingfisher beers. All types of kingfisher beers are available here.


Located in Ludhiana Prism is another famous brewery in Punjab. Nearly all types of beers are available in this brewery. The wide collection of beer along with the assurance of best quality products makes it even more famous.

Patiala Distillers & Manufacturers Ltd

This is a famous manufacturer of spirit located in Patiala. Best quality spirits are available here. Apart from manufacturing spirits they also supply these throughout Punjab and even out of Punjab.

Pubs and Bars in Punjab

Pubs and Bars in PunjabPunjab is pretty famous for its night life. There are some trendy pubs and bars available in Punjab that makes it all the more happening and popular among the young crowd.

It has been seen that young generation people want to spend their time in these pubs.

Some of these pubs are attached to discos as well.

The famous pubs and bars in Punjab are:

Lava Bar

This bar is located in sector 17 and is one of the most visited bars in Chandigarh, Punjab. Mostly young people are seen hovering in this area. The ambience and the surrounding of this bar is really amazing and attracts many. You will get a wide variety of cocktails and cocktails in this bar. The interior is well decorated and it gives a special feel to the place.

Hotel Franco Beer Bar Restaurant

This is yet another popular bar in Punjab. It’s pretty popular among young generation. The specialty of this bar is that you will get varieties of beer in this place and try the best one out of it. Different beers are available in different shapes of containers.

F Bar

This is located in Jalandhar area of Punjab and is a popular hangout place. Mostly visited by young people this is a crowded place of Punjab. Different varieties of cocktails are famous in this place. You can try these amazing cocktails.

Vimpi Bar

It’s located in Jalandhar and is another famous bar of Punjab which is special for serving chilled beers. The chilled beers that you get here serve as a great refreshment. The soft music that plays in the background makes the ambience of the place even better.

Punjab Restaurant and Bar

 Apart from all types of alcohols you will also get different types of cuisines in this place. The atmosphere inside the bar makes it a comfortable destination for your weekend. You will get varieties of food items from which you can choose. The starters are lip smacking.

Yunkee Tunns the Pub

This is another famous pub in Jalandhar. You can enjoy a couple of drinks in this pub. The ambience and surrounding of this pub goes well with the music in the background. Your mind gets perfect refreshment after a tiring day.

These are few bars located in Punjab. There are off course other famous bars in Punjab where you can spend your leisure time when you visit Punjab.

Night Clubs in Punjab

Punjab is an amazing place for night life. Once you visit Punjab you just cannot miss the awesome night life. There are many night clubs in Punjab that makes the night life even better. You can visit these night clubs and get the exact feel of a night life. Some of the famous night clubs situated in Punjab are mentioned in our article. You can go through them before you pay a visit to Punjab so that you do not miss out any.

Nightlife of Punjab


This is the most popular night clubs of Punjab. Sometimes it is referred to as the “mother of all night clubs”. Located in Chandigarh this is a very popular hangout destination among young people and even tourists. Weekends are crowded mostly with party hoppers. The main attraction of this club is they screen different hockey, cricket football matches and this attracts crowd.

Hops N Grains

This is one of the happening beer hang out in the state. This place is often visited by young crowd and is a popular entertaining place in Punjab.

Tao Bar & Lounge

This place is another famous bar in Punjab. The centre of attraction of the bar is the presence of a Buddha’s statue in the centre. Weekends are mostly crowded.

The Cosmopolitan

This famous nightclub located in Ludhiana is a perfect stop for your weekend. The ambience of the nightclub as well as the interior decorations is attractive. The presence of a DJ playing all hip hop numbers makes it a perfect weekend destination. From birthday parties to kitty parties this place has something for all age groups.

Bar 148

As soon as you step inside the club you are welcomed by the neon lights. The extra special feel that these neon lights produce is just mesmerizing. The loud music of the club along with some of the exclusive cocktails makes it an important party destination.

Black Magic

This bar is located in Chandigarh. The interesting part about this place is the presence of the huge bay windows. These windows make the entire city visible. With a drink in your hand you can see the amazing view of entire Chandigarh.


When you want to start your weekend with a perfect jamming session then Peddlers should be your ideal choice. The interior is decorated with wooden furniture. The live music grabs your attention as soon as you enter this place. Trying a new tone in the strings of guitar with a cocktail in your hand is a great way to enjoy your weekend.

It is advisable that you should visit these places once you visit Punjab even for once to get the feel of a typical night life.

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Amusement Parks in Punjab

There are many themed and amusement parks in Punjab and paying a visit to one such park will be a great entertainment activity for you. These amusement parks are located in different parts of Punjab and you can pay a visit. Some of the famous amusement parks are mentioned in this article.

Amusement Parks in Punjab


This amusement park is located in Mohali, Punjab. This is an amazing way to get entertained. You will have a lifetime experience once you visit this place. There are many amusing rides in this park which will interest both children and adults.

Suncity Amusement Park

This is located in Amritsar, Punjab and is a famous amusement park. This is popular as an ideal entertainment package. Different types of rides are present here and this makes the park even more attractive. Your kid will just love the place. There is a water park attached to this park which also acts as an entertainment for kids.  This park is a famous picnic spot of Punjab.

Hardy World Amusement Park

This amusement park of Ludhiana, Punjab has one of the largest water coaster ride in the entire world. There are other joy rides inside this park which will definitely entertain you. If you are visiting this place with your kid then make sure you do not miss any of these entertaining rides.


Wonderland in PunjabThis park is located in Jalandhar. The extraordinary water rides inside this park is amazing.

The presence of a horror house and the jet flights makes it even more entertaining for you.

It’s a perfect place to spend your weekend with your friends and family.
The horror house is the special attraction of this park.

Irrespective of any age group this horror house will attract everyone who pays a visit to this place.

TR Enjoy World

This is also located in Jalandhar. This is a theme park and perfect for kids and fun lovers. You will have an exciting time inside this park. There are different statues of cartoon characters inside this park. Kids love to take pictures with their favourite cartoons. You will love to see your kid getting involved in some games inside this park. Students from different schools of Punjab visit this park as a part of their educational excursion.

These amusement parks are some of the popular entertainment options for people and tourists. It is advisable that you visit this place once you visit Punjab. If you have kids with you then you must visit these parks as your kids will love to be a part of them.

These are some of the famous entertainment activities that you can undertake once you visit Punjab. Any other suggestion about some entertaining activities in Punjab is also welcomed.

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