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Food in Punjab


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Food in Punjab

If you are in Punjab, you have every probable chance to satiate your appetite with the choicest of cuisines this state offers. Food is the nerve of Punjab. Punjabi people are born foodies and this is reflected in the variety they have in their meals. You may attribute this to the agricultural richness of Punjab. But it is also true that vibrant Punjabi culture has its clear impact on food habits of its people. One thing is for sure; never expect food of Punjab to be subtle or plain. Punjab is very well know the culinary art of converting simple meals into gourmet delights.

Food Varieties offered in Punjab

The influence of Tandoori style of cooking is predominantly found in Punjabi cuisines. People here relish both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. Interestingly, Punjab is one of the states of India where you are treated with a lot of varieties in vegetarian and non vegetarian cuisines. However, always be ready to taste more of non vegan savories when you visit Punjab.

Similar to any other state of India, Punjab also has certain variations in food habits depending upon region. Like in Amritsar, people gorge upon spicy stuffed breads and dairy products while in Malwa region, Bajre Ki Khichdi is very popular. Let us explore the food of Punjab to know what it has in store for you.

Non Vegetarian Dishes in Punjab

Non vegetarian food lovers are never disappointed by Punjabi cuisine. It includes vast menu of non vegan dishes. They are prepared with generous mix of spices and condiments to enhance their taste. Whether you look for lamb or fish, this state offers you lot of dishes to quench your hunger. Fresh water fish is largely used in non vegan cuisines with exotic sea food also making its way into their platter. So, there are many delectable varieties you can taste in non vegetarian food that includes:
  • Tandoori ChickenNon 

Vegetarian Food of Punjab
  • Shami Kebab
  • Butter Chicken
  • Chicken Biryani
  • Amritsari Fish
  • Chicken Tikkas
  • Zeera Chicken
  • Fish Tikka
  • Lamb Biryani
  • Bhuna Gosht
  • Kunna Gosht prepared in Earthen Utensils

Vegetarian Delights in Punjab

Variety of Vegetarian Food in Punjab

Vegetarian food from Punjab is literally world famous. You can travel to any part of India; you will easily find chhole bhature and sarson da saag served in local eateries. Such is the allure of vegetarian food of Punjab that you never have enough of it. It is commonly prepared with lots of spices and ghee. With seasoning of butter, it turns out to be extremely mouth watering. Punjabi food is always good to look at and great to taste. The most common masalas used for vegetarian preparations in Punjab are onion, garlic, ginger, and tomatoes with cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, bay leaf, and asofoetida. Some of the most popular vegetarian dishes from Punjab are:
  • Sarson da Saag
  • Dal Makhani
  • Kadhai Paneer
  • Aloo Gobhi (Potatoes with Cauliflower)
  • Baigan ka Bharta
  • Chana Masala
  • Chhole Kulche
  • Halwa Poori
  • Rajma Chawal
  • Kadhi Pakora
  • Tadka Daal
  • Chhole Naan

Desserts of Punjab

Delicious Desserts of Punjab

Punjabi people certainly have a sweet tooth. Where else they get all that sweetness from? Jokes apart, the state has lots of varieties to offer in desserts as well. In fact, every festivity here is celebrated with lots of sweetmeats and finger licking delicacies. Along with traditional sweets, western influence can also be seen in the variety of desserts in this state. But still, the appeal of ethnic sweets of Punjab is simply mind blowing. The variety of desserts served in Punjab includes Rice Kheer, Saivaiyan, Rabri, Gajar ka Halwa, Jalebis, Kaju Barfi, Gulab Jamun, Soan Halwa, Sooji Halwa, Pinni, Imarti, Motichoor Laddoos, Phirni, Malpua and many more.

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Beverages of Punjab

Beverages of Punjab

Without beverages, Punjabi food is never completed. They are part and parcel of their everyday meals. Most of these beverages are delicious and healthy for the stomach. They also depend upon the season. People drink beverages that suit their body as per the season.

For summers, lassi, buttermilk, shikanji, and neembu paani are common along with fruit juices and milk shakes. Mango juice, melon shake, carrot juice, jal jeera, and tamarind juice are also very popular beverages in Punjab.

Breads in Punjab

Famous types of breads in Punjab

Breads are the most indispensable part of typical Punjabi cuisine. From flat breads to deep fried ones, there are so many varieties to offer. You can taste some of the most unique types of breads in this state that include raised breads or Khameer Roti. Common types of breads eaten in Punjab are:

Tandoori Breads like naan, tandoori roti, lachcha parantha, and kulcha.
Tava Breads smeared with clarified butter. These include chapatti, bajre ki roti, make ki roti, and jowar ki roti.
Stuffed Paranthas- potato, cauliflower, peas, mixed veggies et al. There are so many types of stuffing.
Deep Fried Breads like Bhatoora, kachori, and Poori

Staple Food of Punjab

Punjab grows wheat in abundance. As such, it is also the staple food for people here. They prepare variety of breads from wheat and eat them with spicy vegetables. Makke ki roti with sarson ka saag is the staple food of Punjab. You can find it in every roadside dhaba or multi cuisine restaurant. In Punjab, it is the food that is most easily found. Apart from these, dairy products like curd, milk, cheese, and chhaas (buttermilk) are also very common in everyday meals. Despite their love for good food, people in rural Punjab can enjoy their lunch with chapattis and raw onions as well.

Staple Food of Punjab

However, it does not imply that rice is not eaten in Punjab. People in this state eat rice mostly on special occasions. Howsoever they eat it, they always avoid plain rice. They season rice with variety of tadkas and flavors to enhance its taste. Fried rice, matar pulav, cumin or jeera rice, kadhi chawal, and rao ki kheer are common dishes made from rice in Punjab. Also daal or lentils are widely eaten in this state.

Tandoor Cooking in Punjab

Tandoori or clay oven is a peculiar feature of Punjabi food. In India, Tandoori food is synonymously associated with Punjab. Every variety of food cooked in tandoor is a delight for foodies. In rural areas of Punjab, people have community tandoor that is fondly called Sanjha Chulha. From chicken to naan, every dish prepared in Punjabi style tandoor is worth giving a try once in lifetime.

Street Food in Punjab

Without tasting the street foods of Punjab, your culinary trip to this state will not be completed. Here, you can taste the spicy flavors from Punjabi cuisine served on road side stalls and eateries. The love for good food that Punjabi people share in common is exuberantly served on the platter with these street foods.

Street foods of Punjab

They are prepared with lots of spices and butter that induces an aromatic flavor hard to resist. Punjabi street food is loved all over the world for these features. They offer you all the specialty of Punjabi cuisine with authentic taste and reasonable prices. Even the tourists to the state desperately gorge upon these dishes that include:

Amritsari Fish

Like its name, it is a delicacy originating from Amritsar. This is deep fried fish prepared with full bodied masalas to tickle your taste buds.

Chhole Bhature

This dish has become synonymous with Punjabi food in the world. It includes chickpeas boiled and prepared with lots of spices and fried bread made from all purpose flour. It is available on almost every street food joint in the state.

Tandoori Chicken

This delectable non vegan dish comes straight from Punjabi tandoors. It is roasted over slow burning coal. And then, it is seasoned with butter and spices to enhance its taste.

Amritsari Kulcha

It is another recipe from Amritsar and found on street food stalls across Punjab. It has unique bread stuffed with boiled potatoes and veggies. It is topped with butter and served hot with chhole and raita.

Punjabi Chaat

Whgere to find Street food in Punjab

Chaat from Punjab is the tangiest and tastiest snack you can find. In Punjab, roadside vendors serve sumptuous varieties of chaat that include dahi bada, aloo tikki, papdi chaat, and gol gappa.

Chhole Poori

It is a wonderful breakfast or lunch recipe. It includes delicious chickpeas curry served with whole wheat fried bread (poori) and aloo bhaji.

Mutton Tikkas

For non vegan foodies, it is the ultimate street food of Punjab. It has finely chopped mutton cooked with ghee and spices over Tawa.


How can you forget to relish the taste of tangy samosas in Punjab? It is the perfect tea time snack loved for its crispy and spicy taste. Samosas are stuffed with boiled and spiced potatoes and then, they are deep fried.

Places where you can enjoy this exotic taste of street food in Punjab includes College Road of Ludhiana, Ishmat Singh Chowk in Ludhiana, Gulati Chowk in Ludhiana, City Centre in Amritsar, Hathi Gate in Amritsar, etc. These are famous destinations to goge upon the street food of Punjab.

Gurdasram Jalebi Wale in Amritsar

Gurdasram Jalebi wale is the famous eatery shop famous for its exquisite jalebi across the city. It is located near the premises of Golden Temple of Amritsar. It is one of the favorite stop of foodies in Amritsar, especially when coming to Golden Temple. Their hot and melting jalebis prepared in unique style is desired sweet for most of the visitors of Punjab.
Katra Ahuwalia, Amritsar

Sodhi Jalebi Corner in Jalandhar

It is not wrong to say that Jalebi is one of the main sweets of Punjab and one can find these desserts on every street of the state. But, few places are extra ordinary. Sodhi Jalebi Corner established in Jalandhar offers mouthwatering jalebis to visitors of Jalandhar. Foodies must have these jalebi once on the visit of Punjab.
Naurian Bazar, Jail Road, Jalandhar

Punjabi Thali

Items served in Punjabi Thali

It is the best way to gorge upon many Punjabi dishes at a time. However, there is no standard type of Punjabi thali. Every restaurant comes up with its own version of thali. The dishes vary according to chef’s choice in most of the cases. However, the traditional Punjabi thali is made up of some dishes commonly found across the state. These dishes are typically Punjabi in their flavor. They are deeply related to the cuisines of state and you will simply love them for that reason. A traditional Punjabi Thali includes the following dishes:

Punjabi Kadhi

It is a popular dish that is prepared from yogurt curry. It has fried gram flour dumplings cooked slowly in this gravy for few minutes.


Punjabi cuisine is complemented by this delicious dish called chhole. It is the chickpea curry prepared with boiled chickpeas treated with lots of tangy spices. Garnished with onions and coriander leaf, it is simply mouthwatering.

Daal Tadka

From dhabas to Punjabi households, this is one dish you can never miss out. It is a lentil curry made from toor dal. It is seasoned in desi ghee with onion, garlic, ginger, and fresh masalas. It is both, healthy and tasty.

Cumin Rice

Also called as jeera rice, it is the best form of rice you will taste in Punjab. It is made from Basmati rice seasoned with cumin seeds, bay leaves, cinnamon and clarified butter (desi ghee).

Paneer Makhani

It is a delectable dish prepared from cottage cheese and exuberant spices.

Punjabi Bread

As said earlier, every Punjabi eatery has its different version of thali, you may find any type of bread in this platter. Mostly, chapatti or Amritsari kulcha is included in it.


Punjab is have lot of variety in pickles that they necessarily include in their platter. They zest up the taste of their food manifold.


Papad or Poppadom is also quite common in Punjabi thali. Mostly, they prefer fried papad with their meals.

Sweet Lassi

This heavenly beverage brings a sweet end to this exquisite culinary experience. It is made from curd, sugar, and dollop of fresh cream.

These are some of the options that you will find in traditional platter from Punjab. However, dishes may vary to include varieties like Palak Paneer, Amritsari Paneer, jeera aloo, aloo gobhi, raita, carrot halwa, etc. The list is endless!

Restaurants in Punjab

Punjab has some of the finest restaurants serving varied cuisines to their guests. In this state, you can also leading international food and hospitality chains serving multi cuisines to the people. There are plush restaurants on one hand and typical Indian restaurants on the other to satiate your hunger. There are numerous restaurants in Punjab located at all prime locations across the cities. Their pleasant ambiance enhances your experience of eating out at these places. Here, we have listed some of the most popular restaurants found in major cities of state.

Multi Cuisine Restaurant in Punjab

These are some of the best multi cuisine restaurants in Punjab where you can relish distinctive flavors picked from different parts of world.

Emperor’s Court in Jalandhar

Restaurants in Jalandha of Punjab

Emperor’s Court is one of the distinct places of hospitality that serves Pan Asian cuisines. This distinguished restaurant is located in the premises of Hotel Ramada, the 4 star hotel of Punjab. It is perfect for breakfast, lunch and dinner when you are in the city of Jalandhar. Large range of buffet is offered to visitors of Emperor’s Court and that too at unbeatable prices.
Namdev Chowk, G T Road, Jalandhar
Phone No: 0181- 4390000

Yellow Chilli Restaurant in Ludhiana

Yellow Chilli restaurant, the signature brand of Sanjeev Kapoor is established in the arena of Ludhiana to serve exquisite and modern cuisines of international quality. It is beautifully incepted with lavish décor and magnificent interior giving the feel of dining at elite location. Food quality and taste is outstanding at Yellow Chilli.
SCF 32- C, Main Market, Sarabha Nagar, Ludhiana
Phone No: 9855523333

Barbeque Nation Restaurant in Mohali

Famous Restaurants in Mohali

Barbeque Nation is one of the fantastic places to taste grilled food in Mohali. It is excellent location for dining in this city. Separate vegan and non vegan section makes it comfortable for both categories. It is worth palace to eat while coming to this part of Punjab. The buffet arrangement of dinning is quite interesting at Barbeque Nation.
SCO 5/ 6, Mohali

Rare Eastern Dining Restaurant in Ludhiana

A multi cuisine restaurant, Rare Eastern Dining in Ludhiana is best place to have cuisines of Chinese, Thai, Singapore, and Indian style. Established in the premises of Radisson Blu Hotel, it is elite and sophisticated location for classy people. It is popular as RED restaurant in the city of Ludhiana.
Radisson Blu Hotel, MBD Neopoli,
Ferozpur Road, Ludhiana
Phone No: 0161- 4303000

Moti Mahal Deluxe Restaurant in Amritsar

Restaurants Chains in Punjab

Moti Mahal Deluxe restaurant is one of the exclusive food chain eateries found in the region of Punjab offering Chinese, Indian and Continental cuisines. It is an excellent place of buffet dining for foodies in Amritsar. They can exclusively try Indian, Italian, Mexican, and Thai food as well. The wide range of platters at Moti Mahal is prepared by professional chefs to make food excellent, that too at low cost. Currently, it is incepted in every major town of Punjab.

  • SCO 121, B- Block, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar
  • 535 D, JJ Arcade, New Jawahar Nagar, Jalandhar
  • Food Court, Viva Collage Jalandhar
  • Plot No 6-7, Bhupindera Road, Above Indusind Bank, Patiala

Kobe Sizzlers Restaurant in Patiala

Kobe Sizzlers is famous in the region of Patiala for vegan and non vegan sizzling cuisines. It is worth to visit and taste different kinds of lavishing sizzlers. Butter chicken and Mexican sizzlers are most dominating dishes of Kobe. It scores excellent points on the ground of quality and quantity as well. During religious days, this place becomes complete vegetarian. So, you must keep this in mind, especially if you are a non vegan foodie.
SCO 02, 1st & 2nd Floor Bhupindra Road, Patiala
Phone No: 0175- 5007070

Hotel Mohan Continental Restaurant in Patiala

Multi Cuisine Restaurants in Patiala, Punjab

Mohan Continental Restaurant is one of the exquisite places to dine in the city of Patiala. It is placed in the premises of Hotel Mohan Continental. Food is served here under different categories to attract people from all the places.
Patiala Road, Leela Bhawan Market, Patiala
Phone No: 5005543

Italian Restaurants in Punjab

Punjab is have profound love for Italian cuisines. You will know this by visiting famous Italian restaurants found in the state. These include:

Bistro Flamme Bois in Ludhiana

Italian Restaurants in Punjab

An Italian establishment, Bistro Glamme Bois is one of the high quality restaurants located in the city of Ludhiana.  It is well designed with cozy ambiance to offer good experience of dining at an Italian restaurant. Alongside, they also serve Mediterranean, Mexican, and American food in same premises. It is one of the paramount places of dining in Punjab that attracts NRIs and foreign nationals when they arrive in city.
SCO 16/ 17, Green Park Avenue,
Near Nehru Sidhant Kendra,
Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana
Phone No: 0161- 4657777

Colonel’s Cabin Family Restaurant in Ludhiana

It is basically an Italian cum Indian restaurant in Ludhiana. It offers magnificent ambiance to spend evening in this city. It is worth to taste momos, pasta, and other sizzlers in this eatery. Beverages like cold coffee and mocktails would be the ideal thing to have in evenings.
3780, Jagjit Nagar, Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana
Phone No: 2453901/ 2

Love Italy Restaurant in Jalandhar

Famous Italian Restauranrs in Jalandhar

Love Italy is established in the premises of Hotel Reagent Park in Jalandhar. It is exclusively designed with elite interior and décor for international visitors. It is prominent place of dining for elite class of people who prefer more sophistication and privileged service. Pasta, Pizza, and sizzlers offered in Love Italy along with wide range of continental food are promising features of this restaurant.
Hotel Reagent Park, G T Road, Jalandhar

Bella Italian Trattoria in Amritsar

Bella Italian Trattoria is wonderfully placed restaurant established to serve Italian cuisines in the city of Amritsar. It is well decorated venue along with lengthy menu comprised of Italian and other sizzling food items. Innovative and interesting cuisines are worth to taste at Bella Italian Trattoria. Citrus mohito, kiwi blast, and cheese cakes are exclusive offerings at this restaurant.
Holiday Inn, District Shopping Complex,
Amritsar Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar
Phone No: 0183- 5088888

Indian Restaurants in Punjab

The diehard Indian taste lingers in every Punjabi food joint. Hence, there are obviously lots of options in Indian style of dining. Indian restaurants of Punjab serve the varied recipes from Pan Indian cuisines. Some of these restaurants worth visiting are:

Indian Summer Restaurant in Ludhiana

Indian Restaurants in Punjab

Indian Summer Restaurant is offering wide range of Indian cuisines and dishes at its best. It is well maneuvered eatery that is comprised of excellent food quality and exquisite desserts. It is situated in the heart of city in Ludhiana giving easy approach to all. The food served here is quite tempting for visitors and its wonderful interior as well as comfortable seating accounts for memorable experience.
Near Orient Cinema, BRS Nagar, Ludhiana

Friends Dhaba in Ludhiana

It is one of the authentic Indian cuisine restaurants found in the landscaped city of Ludhiana. It is popular place of dining for people looking for vegan food in this region. Its crispy parathas, mouthwatering curry, and delicious tandoori platters make everyone visit again and again. It is easy to access as it is situated just outside the railway station in Ludhiana. Paneer dishes are much demanded at Friends dhaba in Ludhiana.
Near Railway Station,
Reikhy Cinema Road, Ludhiana

Hot Choppe Restaurant in Sangrur

Hote Choppe is beautifully established restaurant amidst the natural beauty of Sangrur in Punjab. Surprisingly, people find food quality and variety quite outstanding compared to the location and expectation from the city. It is pleasing experience for visitors to have authentic Indian food in natural ambiance of Hot Choppe.
Kaula Park, Sangrur

Basant Vegetarian Restaurant in Pathankot

Famous Indian style restaurants in Pathankot

Basant Vegetarian Restaurant is perfect vegan eatery that serves different kinds of food items. It is paradise for vegetarian foodies who love to taste continental, Italian, and distinctive Indian cuisines. It is worth to have Italian pizzas, paneer tikkas, and other culinary preparations at this joint. Fast food like burgers and chat can also be relished at Basant Vegetarian Restaurant in Pathankot.
Basant Plaza, Near Shani Dev Mandir,
MK IV Complex, Dalhousie Road, Pathankot
Phone No: 9257200700

Season 4 Restaurant in Barnala

Season 4 Restaurant is an impressive establishment for food in the region of Barnala. It is pure Indian restaurant serving authentic and hygienic cuisines. They also offer pleasant atmosphere and comfortable seating for visitors. It is best place to dine in this part of Punjab.
Near District Court, Barnala

Sarhad Restaurant in Amritsar

Restaurants in Amritsar Punjab

Sarhad Restaurant is magnificent place of dining at Wagah border in Amritsar. It is exclusively placed in the serene of Amritsar serving all types of cuisines originating from India as well as Pakistan. The most attractive part of restaurant is that it is mere 1 km away from India-Pakistan Border. People in numbers visit this place and love to dine in exotic environment of Sarhad Restaurant.
NH 1, Arrari Wagah Border, Amritsar
Phone No: 9815555931

S V Foods in Hoshiarpur

S V Food is one of the well known names of Hoshiarpur. Situated in the region of City Center, it is prominent south Indian and Indian food restaurant in this part of Punjab. It serves the ethnic and traditional food of Punjab along with modern platters of Indian sub continent.
Shop No 30/ 31, City Center
Phone No: 0188- 2500501

Laziz Rasoi in Mohali

Restaurants in Mohali of Punjab

Laziz Rasoi is a wonderful place to dine in the region of Mohali. It is pure vegetarian eatery that serves Indian and Punjabi dishes. Along with excellent service, they offer good quality food with affordable cost. It is true paradise for gourmet lovers who prefer vegan food to eat.
SCF 12, Sector 54, Phase 2, Mohali
Phone No: 0172- 4637376

Rangla Punjab Restaurant in Jalandhar

As one of the unique concepts of dining, Rangla Punjab is incepted in village style in the region of Jalandhar. It is comprised in big area with exact replica of villages as they usually exist in Punjab. Alongside, people performing several cultural activities and folk dances add to rejoice of visitors. Food cooked in ethnic way and served in traditional style is the most highlighted part of visiting this venue in Jalandhar. Unlimited Thali system is available in Rangla Punjab Restaurant of Jalandhar.
G T Road, Jalandhar
Phone No: 09814599000

Haveli Restaurant in Jalandhar

Popular restaurants in Punjab

Haveli is one of the prominent places of dining in the region of Jalandhar in Punjab. It beautifully showcases the rustic lifestyle of village in its premises which appeals a lot to visitors. Indian cuisines, especially Punjabi food, are well prepared in ethnic way. Lunch and dinner at Haveli is quite enjoyable for visitors of all class. It located in the outskirts of city. Worth to visit for its majestic ambiance and lavish food!
Khajurla, G T Road, Jalandhar
Phone No: 0184- 501011

Masala Kraft Restaurant in Bathinda

Situated in the ambiance of Hotel Best Western Plus Stella, Masala Kraft is one of the prominent places of hospitality in the region of Bathinda. Vegetarian and non vegetarian, both food stuffs are offered in this restaurant.
Best Western Plus Stella,
Barnala Bye Pass Road, Bathinda
Phone No: 0164- 5015000

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Dhabas in Punjab

Road side dhabas are the best places to eat Punjabi food. The concept of dhabas has evidently originated from this state itself. These local eateries mostly found along the highways were initially set up to serve home style food to travelers or drivers passing through these roads. But with spanning of this concept, the dhabas are now attracting urban public as well. Now, even family gatherings are arranged at popular dhabas. They create rustic environment where you can relax and enjoy the authentic food of Punjab in desi style. Needless to say, the state has bevy of such eateries, some of which include:

Kesar Da Dhaba in Amritsar

Roadside Dhabas of Punjab

Kesar Da Dhaba is exclusive restaurant established in the region of Chowk Passian in Amritsar. It is exclusive vegan restaurant serving all types of Indian and vegetarian Punjabi dishes. Laccha paratha and Dal makhani is worth having at Kesar Da Dhaba. This dhaba is famous in this region for its exquisite food quality, rustic decor, and easy atmosphere. Homely experience attracts lot of footfall in this Dhaba of Amritsar.

Chowk Passian, Amritsar
Phone No: 0183- 2552103

Brothers Dhaba in Amritsar

Brothers Dhaba is one of the highlighted joints for vegetarian food lovers in Amritsar. It is well versed with ethnic ambiance and lavish food quality for people arriving in this part. Aloo paratha with pickle and curd or Kulcha is excellent breakfast option at Brothers Dhaba. There are two similar establishments placed at same venue. Visitors can checkout at either of these restaurants for good dining experience.
Golden Temple Out Road,
Katra Ahluwalia, Town Hall Chowk, Amritsar
Phone No: 9888411226

Lucky Dhaba in Jalandhar

Famous dhabas of Punjab

Lucky Dhaba is one of the prime locations for dining in the region of Jalandhar. The Dhaba is significantly placed on NH 1, near the Haveli. Its wonderful preparation of spicy and delicious food draws people to stop when they pass through this route. People love to taste various tasty dishes made of paneer. It is comprised in spacious location with all required facilities for their guests.
National Highway 1, Near Rangla Punjab, Jalandhar

Bliss Vaishno Dhaba in Jalandhar

Bliss Vaishno Dhaba is pure vegan food joint established in the region of Jalandhar. It is incepted with a view of providing wonderful taste of Indian and Punjabi cuisines to visitors of this region. The comfort of air conditioner and prompt service accentuates satisfaction of visitors.
Near Khanna Enterprises, 179 Civil Lines, Jalandhar

Bittu Da Dhaba in Mohali

Bittu Da Dhaba is well known name in food joints of Mohali. It is well established restaurant in the juncture of city in phase 7. The food and desserts served in this dhaba include parathas, paneer platters, ice creams, and beverages. Ras malai and rabri faluda are not to miss desserts at Bittu da Dhaba in Mohali. Offerings in this dhaba are comprised of north Indian food, Chinese, and south Indian dishes.
Bay Shop 144, Phase 7, Mohali
Phone No: 7355558033

Pappu Dhaba in Bathinda

Dhabas on Highways in Punjab

Pappu Dhaba is an impressive and popular road side restaurant of Bathinda. It is beautifully located near the main region of city with the all kinds of facilities and comfort. So, it is easy to access from all parts of city. Typical Indian style food is the main course of their menu. People find taste of food served in Pappu da Dhaba to be quite delicious and interesting.
Railway Station Road, Near Station, Bathinda

Kuldeep Dhaba in Ludhiana

Ludhiana is one of the major towns of Punjab connected to numbers of national highways and state highways. In wide numbers of road side eateries, Kuldeep Dhaba is an exceptional place located at the Main Road. Indian and Punjabi food made of real spices are truly enjoyable at Kuldeep Dhaba.
Focal Point, Main Road, Ludhiana

Surjit Da Dhaba in Amritsar

Surjit Da Dhaba is one of the favorite spots for people who spend extended nightlife in the city. Mixed bag of Punjabi food and Indian cuisines consist its extensive menu. Mutter aloo, dal fry, curry, and tandoori are the highlights of this dhaba. It is worth to visit at least once when you are near Amritsar.
4, Nehru Center, Amritsar

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Fast Food Restaurants in Punjab

From Indian snacks to Mexican and Italian style fast food, Punjab has it all served in its fast food restaurants. They include the names like:

Bakes & Beans in Amritsar

Fast Food Restaurants in Punjab

It is basically a multi cuisine fast food restaurant that offers all kinds of eatable stuffs. Pizza, Pasta, Chips, Sandwiches, along with soothing hot and cold beverages are offered at B&B Restaurant. It is excellent place to taste different varieties of ice creams along with aromatic coffee. In short, it is the best location for spending time while having good eatables in this city.

SCO 24, B Block, District Shopping Complex,
Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar
Phone No: 0183- 5099888

Babbu Golgappa in Jalandhar

Babbu Golgappa is one of the favorite places for people of Jalandhar. The aloo tiki, golgappa, and chaats offered here are outstanding. People from far flung areas visit this venue for lavishing taste of fast food served in Punjabi style.
Main Bazar, Shahkot, Near Subzi Mandi, Jalandhar
Phone No: 9815310910

Ashok Kulchewala in Amritsar

It is one of the magnificent food joints that serve traditional Indian fast food. Kulchas along with mouthwatering sauces and chola is the prime attraction of this Amritsari Kulchewala. It is excellent place enriched with authentic taste, low pricing, and great hospitality. Different varieties of stuffed Kulchas topped with butter are offered at Ashok Kulchewala in Amritsar.
Ranjeet Avenue, B Block Market, Amritsar

McDonalds in Punjab

Fast Food Chains in Punjab

McDonalds is one of the fastest growing food chain in Punjab. It has its restaurant in almost every leading cities of state to serve yummy burgers and delicacies to customers. Aloo tiki, Mc Veggie, Mc Chicken, Filet O Fish, Chicken Maharaja Mac, and Mc Fries are the mouthwatering food stuff available in McDonalds. Cold drinks and hot beverages are also served at this venue. McDonalds has setup restaurant at Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana, and Patiala.

  • Plot No 1615, Gali Kashmirian, Near Jallan Wala Bagh, Amritsar
  • Shop No 10, 11, 12 Viva College Mall, G T Road, Paragpur, Jalandhar
  • West End Mall, NH 95, Ludhiana
  • The Celebration Bazaar, G T Road, Bullepur, Khanna

Pizzano Fast Food in Bathinda

It is Italian fast food restaurant located in the region of Bathinda. It also serves Chinese, Mexican, and Indian fast food in its premises. The bakery desserts and Italian pizzas along with sizzlers are most favorite things to eat at Pizzano Fast Food in Bhatinda.
The Mall, Bathinda
Phone No: 0164- 2250015

Aggarwal Fast Food in Jalandhar

Aggarwal Fast Food Restaurant is incepted on the Court Road of Jalandhar. It is wonderfully located in heart of city and serving popular fast food of Indian sub continent. Chinese fast food is also available in this joint.
11/ 7, City Complex, Bara Pind Road, Court Road, Jalandhar
Phone No: 0181- 2501015

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Café in Punjab

It’s not only about the food. Punjabi people very well know how to spend their evening with lots of fun and soothing beverages. As such, the concept of Café is quite popular in the state. The best cafes where you can hang out in Punjab are:

Café @ Route 64 in Patiala

Cafe in Punjab Cities

Café @ Route 64 does not only come with unique name but also with different concept. The vibrant wall stickers, beautifully arranged ambiance, and lively atmosphere, fills every heart with rejoice. It is established in the city of Patiala to serve light food along with wide range of beverages. It is one of the best places to hang out with friends.

Basement Hotel Mohan Continental,
Opp GPO, Patiala
Phone No: 0175- 6530653

Narang Cafeteria in Hoshiarpur

Narang Cafeteria in Hoshiarpur is one of the best places to spend quality time with friends and colleagues. It is placed on the Court Road of city. It has beautiful décor and excellent seating arrangements.
Near Green View Park,
Court Road, Hoshiarpur
Phone No: 9888659950

Oka Café in AmritsarCafe Restaurants in Punjab

Located in district shopping center, Oka Café is one of the prominent places of hangouts in the region of Amritsar. It is mostly talked about for its magnificent interior, quality eatables, and dedicated hospitality.

People like to taste European and Indian style platters along with hot as well as cold beverages. Cookies and refreshments are also served at Oka Café in Amritsar.

SCO 38, District Shopping Center,
Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar
Phone No: 9815159040

Café Oz in Amritsar

It is exceptional place of hospitality in the city of Amritsar. The place is wonderfully designed to serve people in all terms. Café Oz is now a well developed lounge and restaurant that attracts lots of people. The charm of having coffee at this place has not changed from years. It is worth to taste delicious platters of la carte menu prepared by them.


SCO 120, District Shopping Center,
Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar
Phone No: 9888694633

Barista Lavazza in Punjab

This well known café bistro chain is established at various locations of Punjab state as well. It is full-fledged coffee house incepted in high footfall areas of major and important towns of this state. People who prefer exquisite and variety of coffee must visit at Barista. Its taste and preparations are identical at every restaurant, so it is quite grab magical coffee at any of these towns in Punjab. Currently, stores are found at Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Mohali, and Patiala.

  • Opposite SBP,Bhupindra Road, Patiala
  • Shop No B- 224/ L, Model Town, Ludhiana
  • 30/ 31 C, UGF, Sarabha Nagar Market, Ludhiana
  • SCF No 12, GF, Phase- 382, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Marg, Mohali
  • Shop NO 113, Ground Floor, Ranjit Avenue, Amritsar
  • Shop No 26, City Shopping Center, Mithapur Road, Cheema Nagar, Jalandhar
  • S No 501, New Jawahar Nagar, Nr Guru Gobind Singh Stadium, Jalandhar
  • Plot No 2/ 3, City Plaza, Ferozpur Road, Ludhiana

Dunkin Donuts in Punjab

Famous Cafe and Fast Food Restaurants in Punjab

Dunkin is well known coffee & snacks house placed in all major cities of Punjab. It is an international brand offering lavish taste of donuts and cookies. You can order classic donuts, munchkins, wraps, burgers, sandwiches, salads, and Dunkin bites here. Visitors can have a sip of coffee, ice tea, coolattas, milk shakes and smoothies at Dunkin Donuts.

Ground & First Floor, 186-L (Part A),
Opp. Niku Park Gate No. 1, Model Town, Jalandhar
Phone No: 0181- 4341107

Trillium Mall, UG Floor,
Medical Enclave, New Amritsar
Phone No: 0183- 5068488/5068388

S.C.O. 18 Sarabha Nagar,
Main Market, Ludhiana
Phone No: 0161- 4361061/ 68

Bhupindra Road, Patiala
Phone No: 0175- 5008040/ 41

With these exquisite food destinations, you will simply love to gorge upon the choicest of cuisines in Punjab. Pack your bags and head to this state offering most exuberant varieties in food.

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